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          • HH_rahilly_installed
            Making it official
            Tim Rahilly, PhD, is installed as Mount Royal’s tenth president and first vice-chancellor


          • HH_dawn_farrell
            Long-term executive enamoured with education
            Honorary doctorate recipient Dawn Farrell sets the example for what quiet leadership can do


          • HH_ann_mccaig
            Scholastic growth leads to societal contributions
            Ann McCaig, Honorary Doctorate of Laws recipient, draws a direct line between the two


          • HH_marg_southern
            As Albertan as they come
            Marg Southern’s community impact is recognized with an Honorary Doctor of Laws


          • HH_don_braid
            A reasonable, rational and trusted source
            Columnist Don Braid receives Mount Royal’s fourth Honorary Doctor of Laws


          • HH_david_johnston
            Former Governor General David Johnston to receive an Honorary Doctor of Laws
            One of Canada’s most impactful individuals will address Mount Royal graduands


          Bruce was here

          Bruce McCulloch of The Kids in the Hall fame spent his formative years growing up in southwest Calgary, including attending Mount Royal

          2019 Alumni Achievement Award nominees

          What makes the nominees stand out above the rest?

          Housing first

          Calgary philanthropists David and Leslie Bissett make another important contribution to Mount Royal

          How liberal education can help prepare for a technologically disrupted future

          Fourth annual MRU conference focuses on thought ‘outside the system’

          Dedication pays off for IPSE student

          Starkman part of Spring 2019 Convocation

          Honouring Mount Royal's fallen students

          Celebrate their lives by giving to students of the future

          This is research at Mount Royal

          Mount Royal University's professors are connecting with industry partners and their communities to challenge long-held beliefs, improve student wellness and introduce progressive policies for workplaces and the planet

          Do what you love

          Grads land dream jobs